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/ˈpälēˌmôrf/ noun

-an organism or inorganic object or material which takes various forms. (example, polymorphs of carbon: graphite and diamond.)

At Polymorph Beauty Lash and Brow Training Boutique, we believe beauty is constantly changing form.  What today is considered nothing can tomorrow be everything, and we strive to support our students in their education transformation.

About Us: About Us

Meet Reid Nikki Ryan

Reid Ryan is the owner of Polymorph Beauty, founder of Bow and Beam Basics, and a Certified Official Trainer for Elleebana USA.  She works in partnership with Elleebana Beauty Distribution.

Over her career, Reid trained extensively with, and for brands such as Aveda, L'occitane, Loreal Professional, Benefit Cosmetics, Smashbox, and Dermalogica.  During this time, she worked with over 400 salons, department stores, and held trainings for over 800 salon and retail employees. 

After 15 years of training/account management in the cosmetics and salon industry, Reid left the corporate life to start a new career path. She had one goal- perfecting brows, lashes, and skin for anyone and everyone she met.  Thus, Bow and Beam Basics beauty studio was born.  

Reid firmly believes that our passion for our industry drives us all to become better artists.  She brings this passion and philosophy to every service and class that she trains.  

Hands On / Online Courses Offered with Reid-

Elleebana One Shot

Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion Lash Lamination

Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination

Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion Combined Lamination

Elleebana Henna 

Elleebana Classic Foundation

Elleebana Classic Advanced

Elleebana Beginning Volume

Polymorph Beauty Brow Mapping Artistry

Polymorph Beauty Brow Bootcamp

Polymorph Beauty Advanced Brow Artistry

Looking for Elleebana Certification training?  Our henna, brow and lash lamination, and lash lift courses will take your business to the next level.  

Need Elleebana Professional Products and Retail?  Elleebana Beauty has multiple shipping options and 2 pick up locations for your convenience.  

About Us: About Us

Meet Bailey Mora

Bailey is a licensed esthetician, Polymorph certified brow artist, and our Polymorph Brow Artistry trainer at the Santa Barbara training boutique location.  She can be found most days at Bow and Beam, providing permanent makeup, lash extensions, lamination, and facial waxing services.  She has a fine art background and believes her service offerings are an extension of her artistry.  Brows have always been her strong suit and favorite service area, and she passionately believes that building the right foundation for giving the best brow service starts with taking the right education!

Throughout your esthetician journey, we are sure you have come across a bump on how to get the most balanced, anatomically correct, and flattering brow that you could get...and Bailey is here to help you master your skills!

Courses Offered with Bailey-

Polymorph Beauty Brow Mapping Artistry

Polymorph Beauty Brow Bootcamp

Polymorph Beauty Advanced Brow Artistry

About Us: About Us
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