To skin stain or not to skin stain?

I see a lot of back and forth on this topic in the forums. Some clients hate a skin stain, they want their brow hair darkened but nothing leaving them feeling like their brows are "Groucho". Others see a stain as a "get out of using pencil" free card.

Right now, a really strong skin stain seems to be en vogue- products offering up to 2 week skin stain, hybrid stain, etc. Let's break it down so we can manage client expectations, shall we?

Epidermal skin turnover cycle is complete in 28 days. 14 days is half of that. So, skin math says even the strongest of dyes on the skin will be minimum 50 percent shed through desquamation process within 2 weeks. Add a few other factors- skin condition, oil factor, sweat, and heat, hormones....and you are looking at more of a staying power between 5-10 days. Dry skin types, if properly prepped, may hold a bit longer as their skin cells tend to be quite compacted tightly together with less give, but the flip side of that with dry skin is that it is more prone to micro tears, and can end up with some areas that sting or cause chemical irritations to the skin. Oily skin types don't tear as easily, but their naturally slick barrier can make it resistant to taking stain, if at all.

Belmacil is an amazing color tint line with a 3% developer, perfect for those who are looking for a modest skin stain and even more fantastic brow hair stain. On the other hand, Elleplex Profusion Color Tint was designed specifically to be used post lamination, and has a 2% developer, creating color saturation on lashes and brows, but little to none on the skin.

Both color lines can be used with NextGen Regen, a game changing amino acid product that provides elasticity and conditioning to brows and lashes.

Other brow options are known as dyes, or hybrid dyes. These products are meant to give a long lasting color dye to the skin, but will also fade within 14 days (that darn skin turnover!)

Last, we have our Henna Stain, which is only designed to be used on brows. This paste like product requires mixing for a customized shade stains the skin and brows, but also enriches the area with vitamins and minerals, providing everything the brow needs to encourage it to create and maintain healthy brows.

So....Do you properly discuss these expectations with your clients prior to their service?

Preparing them for their likely outcomes based on your consultation and analysis may help you to avoid disappointing results.

Now that we have explored the options and results in brow stain/dye and their longevity, I highly recommend showing your clients how to upkeep/enhance their brow service with a brow styling product such as the Elleebana precision pencil, these are fantastic for creating small hairstroke like fill that hold up beautifully against sweat and water. Be very gentle and do not roll your pencil too high, they do not require much pressure and work best if they are used for precision work. I could go on with other options for brow products and styling, but that is another post- for more information on my favorite options, keep yourself subscribed and see when my newest blog info posts :)

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